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Martin Hjort Eriksen
Markvej 84
2660 Brøndby Strand

mail : mhe@hardcoder.dk
phone : 31 70 06 45
icq : 29280440

Me me me...

me me me ...

This is my egocentric place on the interweb. Most of the ressources have been created to help me, but there are pages open for public consumption. So feel free to have a look ...


My name is Martin Hjort Eriksen, and I live in Copenhagen and spend my days with daughters Anna and Rebecca, son Daniel and wife Anne Marie. In my day to day operations, I work for Netcompany as a Managing Architect. I have a B.Sc. in social and computer science, and a M.Sc. in software development.

I have a heavy interest in computing, and I am a member of ACM, IEEE and SSLUG. Which reminds of all the projects I am working on, so no more writing here ... some other day. :p